Paramedical Aesthetics

PARAMEDICAL AESTHETICS "Non-Vocation Certificate Course"

Paramedical Aesthetics is a curriculum designed to prepare the professional esthetician for working in a medical environment. Medical esthetics has become one of the fastest growing fields. A medical esthetician requires a very specific skillset and type of knowledge to work in an advanced level of skin physiology, cosmetic ingredients and consulting to be able to incorporate each component to deliver the best, most dramatic, results oriented skin care treatments available to their clients and patients. The esthetician must also have the knowledge and skill work side by side with patients that have undergone medical procedures that improve or affect the skin. Students will have to evaluate and consult with clients to perform chemical peels, microdermabrasion and other clinical skin care treatments that bring out highly effective results.

This particular niche is not only rapidly growing but it is also developing into a role of being a medical practitioner's assistant, working alongside them to provide the best in skin care to your clients or patients. We want to prepare our students for this line of work by offering a rigorous, hands-on training program that gets them to the their goal line and the best in procedure knowledge.

The Paramedical Aesthetics certificate program offers both theoretical and practical training for all procedures they will encounter in this environment. Students are trained to effectively perform these advanced treatments using machines in order to combat numerous skin blemishes and imperfections.

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  • Instruction:

    This course will provide a complete package to understand the aesthetics industry and gives you all the necessary tools to successfully penetrate this business.
  • Instruction and Experience:

    Includes closely supervised practical experience on live models.
  • Program Duration:

    240 Hours
  • Prerequisite:

    Diploma in Aesthetics or 1 year working experience as an esthetician (proof required)
  • Instruction:

    This is an advanced-level course. The theoretical section covers numerous aspects such as characteristics of an aging skin and aromatherapy. Our students are also taught a variation of innovative facial therapies.
  • Course Components:

    • Advanced Skin Care Therapy
    • Anti-aging Treatments
    • Rosacea Handlings
    • Pharmacology for Aestheticians
    • Advanced Facial Techniques
    • Alpha Hydroxy Treatments (10%- 30%)
    • Beta Hydroxy Treatments (10%- 20%)
    • Green Peel Treatment
    • IPL Photo Rejuvenation
    • LED Skin Treatment
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Ultrasonic Facial
    • Micro Muscular Stimulation
    • Laser & IPL Hair Removal
    • Working in Medical Setting
  • Career Prospects

    • Beauty Salon/ Spa
    • Self Employment
    • Fashion Industry
    • Modeling Agencies
    • Nuptial/ Special Occasions
    • Shopper/ Products Supplier
    • Medical Facilities
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