International Students
  • Applying as International Student

    Universal Academy welcomes international students. We are committed to educating with the highest standards to all, and welcome diversity in the classroom. We believe that diversity in the classroom fosters brilliant ideas and unparalleled creativity follows.
  • Admission Requirements

    To gain entrance as an international student in Universal Academy applicants must be at least 18 years of age. The school requires applicants to provide official academic credentials indicating the completion of Grade 12 or equivalent. Complete proficiency in English is required since all method of teaching (lectures, seminars, and text books) at Universal Academy is conducted in English. Students whose mother tongue (first language) is not English will be required to write the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or equivalent, and have their official scores forwarded to Universal Academy.
  • Financial & Tuition Information

    Applicants applying must provide proof of financial support and submit the total tuition cost to the school in advance. Upon receiving the tuition an acceptance letter will be issued to the student. Once an acceptance letter is issued, the student is required to contact the Canadian Embassy or consular office to obtain a student visa to pursue education as an international student in Canada. A $100 (CAN) non-refundable registration fee applies to all applications in addition to tuition costs.
International Students can apply for a Student Visa through the Government of Canada at the following link:
Other useful links for further information: