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Waxing is approved for sensitive skin, as it leaves the skin hairless and feeling extremely soft. Through this particular technique, the hair will be removed all the way from the root of the follicle. You can either utilize hot or cold wax. This method will stop the quickness of hair growth and will also reduce ingrown hairs. The new growth of hair will be finer and future waxing sessions will become quite simple. The treatment only needs to be done every month or six weeks.

Waxing is a safe method for most of the face and body. The entire waxing session is done quickly and efficiently, leaving the skin feeling amazingly soft. The process is semi-permanent. It is also economical in the ways of getting rid of undesirable hair.

This certificate program will teach you the complete procedure to help you achieve a successful waxing. A comprehensive guide in learning the type structure of hair all the way to clients consultations. At the end of the course, you will be able to provide clients with hair free bodies and faces. You will be learning safety regulations and the safest way to utilize hot wax. We also provide advanced waxing training.

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  • Waxing can be used to removed hair in the following areas:

    • Under Arm
    • Half Arm
    • Full Arm
    • Brows
    • Upper Lip
    • Chin
    • Chest
    • Back
    • Leg
    • Brazilian Bikini
    • Full Face
  • Course Content:

    • Introduction to Waxing
    • Application of Warm, Hard and Cream Wax
    • Method for Hair Removal Treatment: Face and Body
    • Sanitation, Sterilization & Safety
    • Trolley Set up- Equipment used for Waxing
    • Contra-indications and Contra-Actions
    • Hair and Skin Structure
    • Basic Principles of Hair Growth
    • Speed Waxing Techniques
    • Introduction to various Types of Waxing Techniques
    • Waxing Male Clienteles
    • Step by Step Practice
    • Pre and Post treatment care
    • Dealing with ingrown hairs
    • Eyebrow Shaping
  • Career Prospects

    • Spa/ Beauty Salon
    • Epilation Clinic
    • Retreat Resort
    • Self Employment

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