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From the Latin words "Pedi" meaning ankle and "Cura" meaning care, we get Ankle Care. On that same very note, we know that a good pedicure can help prevent foot disease and disorders. When properly executed, it removes all dead skin off the soles of the feet. A very detailed training is essential in becoming a successful pedicurist. We provide you with a comprehensive learning program that enables you the theoretical learning and the practical coaching. We will provide you with a full overview of the anatomy of the feet and nails, review the major nail infections in order to prevent contamination and cure the clients that are suffering from such infections. Therapeutic care such as: removal of calluses, ingrown and thick nails are also taught so the students are trained to recognize contradictions and provide an action plan of treatment to their patients. You will also learn proper sanitation and sterilization procedures for the spa and you will receive hands on training for pedicure procedures involving Paraffin Wax Treatments, French Polish application and Massage techniques.

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  • Course Content:

    This course will give you an in depth understanding of the physiology and anatomy of the Feet.
    The other aspects that are covered are:
    • Hygiene, Health & Safety
    • Step by Step Pedicure procedure
    • Professional Image
    • Product Awareness
    • Nail Design
    • Enameling
    • Client Positioning and station set up
    • Aftercare advice
    • Massage of feet and lower leg
    • Nail Disorders & Bacteriology
    • Aromatherapy for feet
    • Consultation
    • Enameling
    • Pedicure for men
    • Contra Indications
    • Contra Actions
  • Career Prospects

    • Nail/ Pediatric Clinic
    • Provider for nail products / Shopper
    • Spa/ Beauty Salon
    • Retreat Resort
    • Self Employment

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