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Love how your nails look after 30 minutes at a nail salon? You can create the same beautiful results for your family, friends or clients by taking this course and becoming a successful Manicurist. You will learn different types of manicure styles such as French, American and Spa Manicure. You will learn to deliver various type of manicure procedures and learn some sexy nail designs. For example, our course will teach you the basic nail art, nail tips and wraps; mending and repairing, along with hair brushing. Furthermore, the cosmetic term Manicure comes from the Latin word "manus", which means hand and "cura", which stands for care. As a result - our classes also emphasize the importance of providing excellent care to the hand. We will teach you how to exfoliate and get rid 'dead' skin and cuticles.

Then we will work on educating you on the proper method of filing and shaping the free edge of the fingernails. We will teach you Paraffin Wax Treatments, Hot Oil Treatments, French Polish Application and Massage Techniques. This comprehensive certificate program will cover the anatomy of hands, practical training, sanitation and sterilization measures for the salon. The program will prepare you on how to recognize and treat clients for nail disorders and diseases, we will also show you how to create customized treatments for each type of client. Our students receive rigorous training and are taught on how to deal with difficult challenges throughout the program.

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  • Course Content:

    This course will give you an in depth understanding of the physiology and anatomy of the hands.
    The other aspects that are covered are:
    • Hygiene, Health & Safety
    • Step by Step Manicure procedure
    • Professional Image
    • Product Awareness
    • Nail Design
    • Enameling
    • Client Positioning and station set up
    • Aftercare advice
    • Massage of hand and forearm
    • Nail Disorders & Bacteriology
    • Aromatherapy for hands
    • Consultation
    • Enameling
    • Manicure for men
    • Contra Indications
    • Contra Actions
  • Career Prospects

    • Nail/ Pediatric Clinic
    • Provider for nail products / Shopper
    • Spa/ Beauty Salon
    • Retreat Resort
    • Self Employment

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