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This ancient practice is becoming rapidly popular in today's fast paced and stressful environment. Hot stone massages are a great way to reduce stress. In this program, you will learn techniques that utilize the heated Basalt Lava Stones. These stones are used to warm the client's muscles and allow a greater connection than conventional massage. Hot stone therapy is a style of therapeutic massage in which the heated stones are placed on specific parts of the client's body. The ideal is to promote relaxation and better healing energy. Then, the muscles are massaged with these warmed stones to create tissue manipulation. Sometimes, cool stones are also used alternatively with the hot stones. You will learn the appropriate corresponding to specific body parts. Additionally, you will learn how to use cold marble stones to balance the body.

The many benefits of this therapy start with promoting deep tissue relaxation, alleviating stress, relieving pain, improving circulation and treating health conditions like depression or arthritis. It consists of traditional Swedish massage strokes combined with the stones. This course will also include a detailed history lesson and by the end you will acquire a great deal of knowledge on the benefits and properties of hot and cold stones.

We will also cover the general principles of geothermal hydrotherapy and matching indications, contra-indications, special considerations and cautions, preparation of treatment, care and cleaning the stones. The goal is to be able to administer and properly execute the utmost excellent hot stone massage treatment.

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  • Course Content:

    This course will push the boundaries of body anatomy by providing you with the proper tools to reduce pain and promote physical balance. It will help you to offer physical wellness through the potency of heat.
    The other aspects that are covered in this curriculum are:
    • Sanitation & Safety
    • History of hot stones Massage
    • Temperature control
    • Preparation & Consultation
    • Thermotherapy
    • Techniques & Movements
    • Chakras, Yin & Yang
    • Contra-actions
    • Heat therapy
    • Aftercare
  • Career Prospects

    • Beauty Salon/ Spa
    • Retreat Resort
    • Self Employment

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