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Diamonds are a girl's best friend but no woman has ever said there are enough earrings out there for them. Learn about the ancient art of ear piercing by taking this certificate program. This ancient art has been practiced across many cultures all over the world for many centuries. It has traditionally been used a method to enhance beauty and display jewellery. Ear piercing has gained popularity in recent years and is a quick and simple process to provide to new clients. You will be trained on how to use a disposable cartridge method, sometimes called a cassette. With these models, the stud and clasp holders are entirely disposable. You will practice piercing on a sponge so that at the completion of the course you will feel confident in performing ear piercings on your own.

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  • Course Content:

    • Sanitation, Sterilization & Safety
    • Contra-actions
    • Contra-indications
    • Positioning of studs
    • Aftercare advice
    • Registration
  • Career Prospects

    • Beauty Salon/ Spa
    • Jewellery Store
    • Cosmetic Counter

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