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This natural, gentle, non-invasive treatment is ideal for those that need a release of certain paints. Reflexology deals in the application of pressure points to feet and hands using bare thumb, finger and hand techniques. No oils, creams or lotions are used. Using gentle force will activate the healing powers of the body.

Reflexology cultivates the belief that specific areas on the feet and hands should create a perfect balance on the body. This treatment leaves the client with an overall sense of happiness. It is also believed that through reflexology, our body can cure itself. This course will teach you the core principles of reflexology, the history, types of massages and ethics connected to this particular part of the business. It is a great idea for any holistic therapist to attend reflexology courses as it is an extremely powerful tool to possess.

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  • Course Content:

    This course will push the boundaries of body anatomy by providing you with the proper tools to reduce pain and promote physical balance. It will help you to offer physical wellness through the potency of heat.
    The other aspects that are covered in this curriculum are:
    • Health & Safety advice
    • History & Theories of Reflexology
    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Contra- actions
    • Contra-indications
    • Reactions to reflexology
    • Basic Reflexology Pressure techniques
    • Relaxation techniques for scalp
    • Complete Reflexology procedure
    • Client Consultation
  • Career Prospects

    • Beauty Salon/ Spa
    • Pediatric Clinic
    • Retreat Resort
    • Self Employment

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