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The Director of Universal Hair & Aesthetics Academy has a single mission to teach only excellence to students. He has been in the industry for over 25 years and is proudly spreading his passion for the industry to those that want to learn only from the very best. Our principal uses his knowledge of market trends to help students establish their own businesses. The director also understands that the beauty industry can be quite daunting with all the competition, therefore, he uses his connections that he's built in the industry to assist in helping a student achieve their goals. He is devoted to students and their growth, motivating them to undertake their own extraordinary ambitions.


Winning the "Top Hair Dressing School in Brampton" award, leading students through true success and assisting them with achieving their goals is only a few of the things Universal Hair & Aesthetics Academy is known for. We are proud to keep offering excellence to our students and training them with cutting-edge tools and technology. Delivering excellent education over the last 8 years and looking forward to providing endless training in the future.

We believe in the one-on-one approach and because of this, we have purposely designed our classes to be smaller. Our school is also well established with leading beauty suppliers. Our goal is to shape outstanding graduates who are contributing to the beauty industry in a remarkable and significant way.


All of our faculty members are certified in their corresponding specialty. As a result, our instructors are extremely well versed and skilled. They have over 25 years of experience in their chosen fields. Most importantly, our members have a paramount level of patience when it comes to teaching their skillset. They are friendly and easy to work with, beyond professional, pressure-free, stress-free and anxiety-free. They are here for your success and because of their wish to see you succeed, they are committed to helping you achieve your very best.

Mission Statement

At Universal Hair & Aesthetics Academy we understand the challenges of learning the skills required to be successful in the beauty industry. We are commitment to providing relevant, cutting-edge and ministry approved courses and programs to enhance your professional development.

All programs are delivered by industry specialists and experienced staff to ensure a hands-on, inspiring, accessible, and supportive learning environment for every student.

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