I went to Universal Academy last Friday, with my hair a disaster after not having anything done to it since December. The girls did a wonderful job on my cut and color, made me look and feel years younger. I live 3 hours away, and will surely come back next time I am visiting family in Brampton. Thanks for a great job, ladies!
-Lidia Rybczynski
This is a school which I will recommend to other. This is a place where I can achieve my goals. It has given me lots of opportunity to learn and practice, This is a best school for hair training.
I like that clients come to our school so students can learn how to handle clients. It increases the students confidence.
-R. Rosha
My experience at Universal Aesthetics Academy is truly amazing. The school is very accommodating and reaches out to meeting all your needs. The instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced. I feel very fortunate to attend this school for many reasons. The first reason being all the instructors are very helpful and knowledgeable, second I am receiving a lot of hands on training, third I am getting the proper support and theoretical training that is above the fashion industry expectations, thus giving me the opportunity to go out in the work field with a competitive advantage.
-Bani Sohi
Waking is never challenging when you are going somewhere you love. When I wake up Iknow I am going to have an outstanding day. With good education, fun classes, awesome teachers and so many friends, how can you not love your school?Great things such as teachers and friends, help me to enjoy school while having fun.
-Sukhi Randhawa
The staff and members are very helpful and friendly. I love getting the services from here.
-Qasim Abbas
I am enjoying new life at Universal Hair and Aesthetics Academy by enrolling as a student, found experienced mentor and good atmosphere with reasonable fees.
-Rina Patel
As a current student attending just not gonna say more than amazing teachers great students and wonderful school big thank u to everyone.
-Ledia Nabil
Universal Hair & Aesthetics Academy is the best place I have ever been to! If you are willing to join or just droppingby to get treatment done you will always feel welcomed. My experience there has always been wonderful. Every morning I am always looking forward to going there! The teachers there are really kind and will help you with anything you need.
-Shabina Bagem
The school fulfills all our requirements. Thanks you. Well disciplined, respectful and very hygeinic. I like my school.
I like everything about my school. My school makes sure all students learn each and everything properly.
I had a career goal to do hairstyling in Universal Academy. I really feel proud I choose this school. I learned a lot from here. I am lucky I am student of Universal Academy.
I liked everything about the course because it was my passion and Universal Academy made it more interesting ans easy for me to complete it. I would like to say that both the instructor and the Academy have been helpful and it would not be wrong at all if I say that they both are excellent and they are performing their duties in the same manner.
I am currently enrolled in the hair-styling course at this school and it was a great decision! I visited many different schools before signing up here. found that among all of them this school had the best teachers, equipment and positive environment for me to learn. I am glad I made the decision to learn here!
-Paulomy Parikh
I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to attend such a wonderful school. The atmosphere is very outgoing, cheerful and high end. It inspired me to reach higher standards that I could not achieve without the proper guidance of the friendly instructors. The faculty treat students as part of the family which allowed me to realize that I was not alone; we are in this together to the finish line. I am so proud to be a student at Universal Hair & Aesthetics Academy. The staff members are all passionate and devoted to their work and it definitely shows. I will be graduating at the end of October and I am very confident that I will leave Universal Academy learning advanced skills and techniques which I need to succeed in beauty industry. I highly recommend this school for anyone seeking the best possible education in cosmetology. I’m so proud to rate my school five stars. Unforgettable experience :)
-Purvi Patel
I am going here for the past 4 yrs. now and really like this place and staff members. They are very friendly and helpful.
-Reena Chadha
Hair and Aesthetics has been a long time passion of mine, and the wonderful teachers at the school have given me the tools I will need to succeed in this field. Going to class was enjoyable, and the atmosphere provided was conducive to my learning. I would recommend anyone looking for classes in this field to look to Universal Hair and Aesthetics as their number one option.
-Kiran Sheena
Could not be happier with my choice of school to learn and expand my horizon in this demanding and fast growing field. The teachers have become my mentors and this is pretty much my second home now! I would definitely recommend this academy if you are a client or prospective student.
-Raman Kaur
I love my school so much. Our instructor is so nice and provides updated education that is needed for this profession. Our classes are so enjoyable.I m so lucky I joined this school.
-Mandeep Jandu
I like my instructor she is very good, very helpful. She encourages us a lot. If we dont understand something doesnt matter how many times she explains us over and over again till we understand.
I love my school, we learn a lot and we see difference in our self. My teacher is the best.
-Manjinder Maan
I really like my current program, because my teacher is very-very good. She is excellent. My instructor understands every student, when we do not understand anything she explains to every student. She teaches very patiently. She is my ideal instructor. I recommend all my friends that is they want to study in this program they must go to Universal Academy.
I liked my school because of rules, regulations and discipline they follow in here. My instructor is always helpful. She is great with lots and lots of knowledge, which helps students towards a great future in the filed.
Universal is a great school with enthusiastic student stylists it gives a very warm and professional vibe! I would highly recommend it for service, as the majority of students are passionate and take their role seriously. Students have been taught by Instructors (experienced stylists) in class, watched videos, demos, completed book work, practiced on mannequins, and demonstrated on models.If you are thinking about taking this as your career path, I STROOOONGLY suggests Universal Hair & Aesthetics Academy.
-Michelle Crasto
Universal Academy is an excellent school with warm and respectful instructors, i am currently a student of hair-styling and i have absolutely loved the course and also made great friends. The Instructors are very helpful and experienced they always give one-on-one training and ensure that we learn everything to perfection!!I am glad i chose Universal Academy and definitely would like to recommend it to everyone who is interested in making big in the beauty industry!
-Manjit Nar
I am currently attending Universal Academy and I am so thankful for getting such an amazing opportunity! The staff is very helpful and the students are extremely friendly. The teachers are also very dedicated, competent and kind. I love being a student at Universal Academy and I would recommend it to anyone who wants an awesome education experience.
-Sandeep Sahota
Universal Hair & Aesthetics Academy provide future beauty professional training on the latest trends and techniques. I will be graduating in October .This has been my passion from a long time and i am happy that i chose Universal Academy. The teachers are very helpful. I have done my three courses here advanced aesthetics, paramedical, laser training, and hair styling. I am very happy with these two years have very good memories and experiences with this school. I have helped people chose Universal academy to become a cosmetologist because i know they are perfect.
-Talwinder Chohan
I have had an amazing experience at universal learning new and upcoming trends and techniques taught by amazing teachers and role models. It is a continuous leaning experience and the atmosphere promotes successful learning.
-Rashpal Birring
I am a current student and have to say that this is the best school in town if you want to join this industry.
-Jyoti Kapoor