School Policies
All students attending the academy are required to follow the rules and regulations outlined by Universal Hair & Aesthetics Academy Inc. The school reserves the right to change any of the information outlined. Failure to comply with rules and regulations of the institute can result in termination from the program. The rules and regulation have been designed to help you achieve your goals of successful completion of your program.

    Students are not required to have any previous experience of Beauty Industry to successfully complete the Hairstyling or Advanced Aesthetics Program course. The instructor's at Universal Hair Academy teach students to perform and excel in the versatile Beauty industry. Students are required to give their best in order to attain professional knowledge and achieve diploma.

    Changes in scheduled start date may result from unforeseen circumstances, in this situation students will be informed two weeks in advance.

    In order to maintain professionalism and sterilization of the workplace all students are required to dress appropriately during the class hours as well as for the clinical time. Students are suppose to be dressed in black uniform - black pants, black tops, black shocks and black shoes. Students must wear a black lab coat or apron during the practical hours. Students can wear black sweaters, jackets or turtle necks during the winter months. For comfort and professional appearance students are required to wear closed toe shoes at all times, no heals are allowed to be worn, running shoes or any flat base shoe can be worn for comfort.

    Students are strongly advised not to leave any valuable personal belongings behind. All individuals are responsible for their own valuables. Universal Hair Academy holds no responsibility for any lost items or belongings.

    Universal Hair Academy is determined to deliver committed, punctual and focused professionals to the industry. It is mandatory for students to be on time for all classes, projects and client appointments. No exceptions are allowed! If a student ever misses a class they need to inform the school in advance. A doctor's document is required in order for student to not loss any grades.

    All absences will be noted and accounted for at the time of graduation as the students are bound to complete required hours of program to graduate.

    No excuses are allowed for absenteeism unless the student was ill, which has to be supported by a doctor's note. No lessons are repeated. The student who misses a lesson is supposed to catch up on any missed notes and assignments. If a student misses more than 5 classes they may be expelled from the course.

    Full time and Part time students are allowed to have half hour break. School premises are suppose to be kept neat and clean so no food should be kept exposed after break.

    40% of the course is depended on theoretical studying.

    10% of the final mark depends on project and assignments.

    50% of the final mark is devoted to practical examination and experience. This includes in class work, clinic practical, customer service skills, selling skills, problem solving skills and confidence to perform in the industry.

    65% is the passing mark for all modules

    The course is designed to examinant the students on an ongoing basis to assure that they are clear on all concepts being taught. Exams are both practical and theoretical. Students will be awarded diploma on successful completion of the examinations.