Monday, Nov 16,2015
Top Hairdressing School Brampton 2013

Universal Hair & Aesthetics Academy has won the title for "Top Hairdressing School in Brampton" for the year 2013 we thank all the voters who have made us feel so proud and cherished. Your supports mean the world to us. Thanks for recognizing our hard work, commitment and dedication to provide outstanding services and train beauty professionals that are leaving their mark on the beauty industry.

"Top Choice Award Winner Hairdressing Academy 2013"


Hair Style of the Week

Students at Universal Academy strive daily to master the skill of the trade and work to perfection. They find the styling of hair to be very interesting and challenging. They put great effort to create perfect, clean, neat and organized styles that would be appealing to the clients and look trendy. Students work hard on daily basis to create unique and attractive styles.

We as an academy like to appreciate the hard work and effort that our students are putting daily towards their career enhancements. As an appreciation of students hard work and dedication in the field we like to encourage students to strive to perfection. Inspiration to success is our motto and that is why we like to share with all our viewers the great accomplishments of our students. We hope you would like and appreciate the creations.


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