Monday, Nov 16,2015
Miss Canada Globe 2013

Universal Hair & Aesthetics Academy was invited this year to attend the Miss Canada Globe Production Show 2013. The students performed Hairstyling and Make Up Services to all the contestants showing their skills and ability to perform on such a big scale. Working under pressure and meeting the deadline was the focus of all the attendants of show. Students received a great opportunity to work with multiple clients and doing different types of hair and styles.

Everyone had their own mini salon station working at the Miss Canada Show. I was amazed to see show from students they transformed into mini Hairstylist who wanted to perform like leaders and show their potentials to the world that "yes" we can do it and the smiles of accomplishments that flood their faces after each performance were like million dollars. Students performed may up sessions for the contestants dealing with what was required, everyone had their own way of how they wanted their faces to be done and I as amazed that the students not only performed to provide the services required but also provided corrective and competitive services.

As an instructor I was feeling so proud that we as an academy are and will be trying our best to provide the required training that will help these individuals survive the competitions and show how graceful, educated and knowledgeable they really are in this field of Hairstyling  and Make Up.

Way to go girls! We are now looking forward to attend more competitions and contests to showcase the work of our students and also giving them much required exposure to survive and excel in Beauty Industry.


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